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OTF's Parker Huttel and Alec Holland of the Skeeters Take Home Rookie of the Year Honors.

Over the past week, all sixteen Managers have been sending in their votes for all six end of the year awards. Looking ahead, we will be handing out the regular season awards starting with the American and National League Rookies of the Year.

Managers voted for their top three in each category for both the American and National League. Players/Managers received 3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 points for a 2nd place vote, and 1 point for a 3rd place vote. The votes were then added up to determine the winner of each award. At the end of the week once all votes are handed out, the ballots will be made public.

Starting in the American League, it was Crown Point's Rookie Parker Huttel who received the most votes with 32 and 8 first place votes. Huttel finished the season with 26 HR, 33 Runs, and 34 RBI to go along with a stellar .613 Batting Average as he went 46-75 in his first ORWBL season.

He led OTF in Home Runs and Batting Average while also supporting one of the top AB/HR ratios in the league with 2.88 At Bats per Home Run. Huttel was voted in by the Managers to represent OTF on the American League All Star team.

After a tough start to the season, Crown Point was able to put together a much improved 2nd half as they won two series' towards the end of the year. Unfortunately, Crown Point's season came to an end in the play-in game at the hands of the Twin Branch Billy Goats. All in all, Huttel and the rest of the OTF squad proved to be a great addition and it will be exciting to see what they do next season.

Moving on to the National League side, it was Glen Lee's Alec Holland who takes home 2021 National League Rookie of the Year honors. Holland finished with 31 total votes and received 5 first place votes. He sported a .424 Batting Average, going 64-151 on the year with 33 HR, 44 Runs, 36 RBI's, and 4.58 At Bats per Home Run.

He finished second on the Skeeters in HR, RBI, Runs, and Batting Average, trailing only Kade Stone as he certainly made a huge impact in his first season in the league. The Skeeters picked up some momentum at the end of the season and it carried over to the postseason as Holland and Glen Lee were able to pick up their first playoff wins in team history.

They eliminated the New Carlisle Newts in the play-in game and then took down the Great Lakes Godfathers in the Wild Card game before falling to the Granger Panthers in the NLDS. It was a memorable first season for Holland and the Skeeters who will look to build off of their impressive postseason run.

Tomorrow, awards week continues as we will announce the American and National League Gold Glove winners. Here is the full list of players to have received a vote for the Rookie of the Year Award. All of the Managers ballots will be made public once all awards are handed out.

American League Rookie of the Year:

  1. Parker Huttel: 32 votes (OTF)

  2. David Ooms: 24 votes (OTF)

  3. Clayton Strauch: 19 votes (Pink Pandas)

  4. Isaiah Williams: 15 votes (OTF)

  5. James Ooms: 3 votes (OTF)

  6. Mike Del La Pena: 2 votes (OTF)

  7. Jax Marcus: 1 vote (Pink Pandas)

National League Rookie of the Year:

  1. Alec Holland: 31 votes (Skeeters)

  2. Steve Shultz: 18 votes (Goon Squad)

  3. Ian Garavalia: 9 votes (Truffle Butter)

  4. Kyle Gagliardi: 7 votes (Truffle Butter)

  5. Jason Migas: 6 votes (Skeeters)

  6. Nolan Crail: 6 votes (Skeeters)

  7. Nate Kelly: 5 votes (Skeeters)

  8. Ryan Voges: 4 votes (Truffle Butter)

  9. Sean Galiher: 4 votes (Truffle Butter)

  10. Zac Kush: 2 votes (Truffle Butter)

  11. Will Bartus: 2 votes (Panthers)

  12. Ethan Simper: 1 vote (Skeeters)

  13. Matt Kuna: 1 vote (Truffle Butter)


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