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2023 ORWBL Off-Season Recap

LEAGUE OFFICE - The ORWBL off-season was quieter than years past but there were still a number of significant headlines from around the league. Whether it be new teams, rule clarifications, or transactions, we have you covered with the big news from around the league this past off-season.

Rule Clarifications

Field Requirements

Every team having a unique home field is what makes ORWBL special. Over the past couple of years, teams have noticed that a lack of requirements have led to some small fields that do not fit the ORWBL play-style. We have asked Managers to make sure that each field has a minimum of 80 feet either to LF, CF, or RF, while the other two reach at least 90 feet. We also want to make sure that 1st and 3rd base sit 40 feet from the plate while the pitchers mound sits at 30 feet. All of this is done to ensure the game we love stays true to its core.


Teams have also noticed that the pitching style has strayed away from how the league was built. This is a pitch to hit league which means the pitcher should toss the ball to the plate with arc on it & be ready to do it again once the catcher throws it back. We have asked managers to keep their pitchers in check. Pump fakes, balks, and deliberately making at bats more difficult and long strays far away from what ORWBL was created to be, a pitch to hit league. Instead of making a direct rule change to punish it, we will go forward this summer relying on pitchers and managers to remove this from our game. If it continues the league board will discuss whether to implement a new rule or remove the said pitcher(s) from the mound entirely.

League Alignment

With three new teams, the league office announced some slight reshuffling between the American and National Leagues.

American League

Bourissa Hills Wildcards

Crown Point OTF

Flatrock Cyclones

GSGL Godfathers

Lakeport Bombers

Maple City Magic

Mill Pond Pink Pandas

South Bend Truffle Butter

Union Mills Blood Sweat & Beers

National League

Glenn Lee Skeeters

Granger Panthers

Hudson Lake Heat

Kounty Line Knights

Lynn St. Leprechauns

Mishawaka Meatpsins

New Carlisle Newts

Twin Branch Billy Goats

Willow Creek Warpigs

Expansion Franchises

This off-season saw the departure of three franchises from the 2022 season as the Warren Desperadoes, Scottsdale Sluggers, and Cityless Wiffle Dees wrapped up their time in ORWBL. While we are sad to see them go, their departures opened up room for three new ORWBL franchises.

The Lakeport Bombers enter the mix and will be playing in the American League. The Bombers will be managed by ORWBL journeyman Austin Trailer - formerly of the Mishawaka Meatspins. Trax' brings with him a slew of young wifflers in addition to long-time ORWBL veterans Kevin May and Jimmy Tumpane.

Next up, the Union Mills Blood Sweat & Beers arrive as anotherr new American League franchise. The Beers will be managed by former Goon Squad manager Brycen Strauch. Union Mills will notably share the brand new Panda Den with the Mill Pond Pink Pandas.

Finally, the Willow Creek Warpigs join the National League. The Warpigs will be managed by former Cult West Warrior Adam Meehan. Meehan is the new owner of the former Granger Panthers' home venue; Snead Field. Thus, the Warpigs will continue to honor Cam's legacy by playing their home games there.


As has become customary in ORWBL, player movement continued to be at an all-time high as a number of well-known wifflers will join new teams in 2023.

The New Carlisle Newts added a trio Wiffle Dees' sluggers when the franchise folded in JP Kehoe, Tyler Shupert, and Kody Webb. Additionally, long-time veteran Danny Hernandez returned to the Newts where he last played in 2019.

The Lynn Street Leprechauns secured another former 'Dee when they added outfielder Garrett Ruiz after year's of back-and-forth between the two.

The Twin Branch Billy Goats snagged the final piece of the Wiffle Dees franchise when Kadin Abegg rejoined the squad he spent the 2018-19 seasons with. They followed that up by adding longtime Granger Panther Andy Migas.

Not to be outdone by their National League counterparts, the Maple City Magic signed ORWBL legend Tony Koch to a 2023 deal after his 2022 Hometown debut with the team.

OTF joined in on the fun when they signed World Series champion and former South Bend Truffle Butter utility man Ian Garavalia.

Notable Dates

Regular Season Schedule

Week 1: 4/30

Week 2: 5/7

OFF: Mother's Day

Week 3: 5/21

Week 4: 5/28

Week 5: 6/4

Week 6: 6/11

OFF: Father's Day

All-Star Night: 6/23

Week 7: 6/25

Week 8: 7/2

Week 9: 7/9


Week 10: 7/23


Postseason Schedule

Play-In Games: 8/6

Divisional Series: 8/13

Conference Series: 8/19 & 8/20

World Series: 8/26, 8/27, 9/3*

National Wiffle Honors

ORWBL continued to build its reputation across the broader Wiffle world as a number of players received Wiffy awards. Truffle Butter slugger Ryan Galiher won the National Home Run King while Granger Panther closer Brett Shepard won his second consecutive National Closer of the Year. Granger centerfielder Daivyn Davis also broke onto the national scene thanks to winning the Central Region Fielder of the Year.

National All-Pitching Teams

1st Team: Griffin Smith (GR)

3rd Team: Jared Jonkman (MC), Kadin Abegg (WD), Ryan Galiher (SB)

National All-Hitting Teams

1st Team: Ryan Galiher (SB), Tyler Shupert (WD), Walter Griffin III (SB)

2nd Team: Caleb Jonkman (MC)

3rd Team: Brandon Terry (SB), Garrett Curless (NC)

National All-Fielding Teams

1st Team: Daivyn Davis (GR), Kody Webb (WD)

3rd Team: Jeremy Ross (MC), Joey Schuster (MM), Levi Miller (LS)

National All-Rookie Teams

1st Team: Adin Newman (KK), Brayden Ruiz (WD), Sam Bull (KK)

2nd Team: Jarrod Michael (KK)

3rd Team: Nathaniel Garcia (WA), Xavier Garcia (WA)


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