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Excitement Building For Green Stem Great Lakes, Lynn Street after 7-2 Starts

As the weather continues to turn, the 2023 ORWBL season is now in full swing. After taking last Sunday off for Mother's Day, ORWBL action resumed with a full Week 3 slate. Now 9 games in, we are nearly 1/3 of the way through what has been a very interesting regular season so far.

By this point we are used to seeing the Granger Panthers and Maple City Magic sit atop their respective leagues as both teams have traditionally come out of the gates strong. As we head into Week 4, both teams currently sit in 3rd place with a 6-3 record. Meanwhile, the defending champions have already dropped games to OTF and the first year Lakeport Bombers which is a testament to the current parity of the league.

There were no teams with a perfect record after Week 2 while 11 out of 18 teams held a winning record through 6 games. Through 9 games, 10 teams hold a winning record, while 4 teams sit right below the .500 mark at 4-5. It appears as though the league continues to get more and more competitive as nearly any team can beat anyone on any given day.

While league parity has certainly been an early season headline, nothing can compare to the early season starts out of the Green Stem Great Lakes Godfathers and Lynn Street Leprechauns. Now 9 games into the season, both squads hold a 7-2 record while sitting tied atop their respective leagues.

Starting off with ORWBL's lone Michigan franchise, Green Stem Great Lakes leads the league in Runs Scored (144) and Run Differential (+78). The Godfathers put together their first ever season with a record at .500 in 2021 as they went 15-15. Andy Sieradzki emerged onto the ORWBL scene and took home ORWBL MVP honors while doing so. They saw their win total fall back to 13 in 2022, but they nearly pulled off an improbable postseason upset of Maple City in the Wild Card round.

It appears as though that was a sign of things to come as this group has really come together. Since bringing over members from Clutch Players, this franchise has taken a huge step towards being a legitimate threat. They have been pushing the .500 mark since teaming up, and it appears as though things have really come together.

Green Stem is off to a 7-2 start as they sit tied atop the American League standings with the defending champion Truffle Butter. This team is playing together in honor Matador's Wife, they have an MVP leading the charge, and they are #MaxineStrong. They are positioned very well to have their first ever winning season in what is now the 8th year of the franchise.

Meanwhile, excitement over in Lynn Street is just as high as they also hold a 7-2 record while sitting tied atop the National League standings with the Twin Branch Billy Goats. This is another 8th year ORWBL team that has never finished with a record above .500. Manager Nick Brassell has done an amazing job turning things around over the years, as Lynn Street may just finally have the pieces in place.

The Leprechauns have never won more than 11 games in a season but it looks as though they are going to go way over that number in 2023. The addition of Garrett Ruiz has been huge as he and Levi Miller are proving to be an elite duo. The Leps lead the National League in Runs Scored (135) and Run Differential (+75) as this hot start appears to be legitimate.

Even if they come back down to earth a bit, Lynn Street could not be any more well positioned for their first ever winning season. They have a massive opportunity to show that they have arrived in Week 4 as they will get a chance to take on the Granger Panthers whom they have never beaten. No matter what happens on Sunday, Manager Nick Brassell and the entire Leps organization has to be incredibly excited about what is to come throughout the 2023 season.


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