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Maple City's Jared Jonkman Wins His Third Home Run Derby Crown

NEW CARLISLE- The league's brightest stars gathered at Migley Field on Friday night for the 16th annual ORWBL All Star Game. As always the Home Run Derby kicked off festivities. The Derby was once again set up in a bracket format with one minute timed rounds.

All eighteen teams were represented and the players were seeded by their total Home Run count on the season. The higher seed won all but one first round matchup as #11 Andrew Karsten taking down #6 Nate Marino was the lone first round upset. Although Sam Satoski was the higher seed, his first round. victory over former MVP JP Kehoe was also considered an upset to many.

Kingsbury Knights rising rookie Sam Bull made a nice run to the final 8 before putting up a great round of 12. Unfortunately for him, Brandon Terry was able to hit 13 to advance to the semis along with the top 3 seeds, Jared Jonkman, Garrett Curless, and Austin Williams.

Curless took down Williams (11-10) before Jonkman was able to get past Brandon Terry (10-9). That set up yet another championship matchup between Jonkman and Curless. In 2020, Curless got the best of Jonkman while the. script flipped in 2021.

After New Carlisle's Garrett Curless opened with 12, Maple City's Jared Jonkman knew he needed 13 to bring it home. After a minor slow start, Jonkman got into his groove as he hit his 13th Home Run with just under 10 seconds left to spare. Jared Jonkman joined ORWBL legends Garrett Curless and Scott Soos as the only players to win the event on three separate occasions. Next month, Jonkman will look to keep his Derby success rolling as he will look to win the Hometown Cup Home Run Derby for a record 6th consecutive year. See the full results from this year's Home Run Derby below.

Play In Round:

#16 Matador Smith def. #17 Ev King (1-0)

#15 Danny Hernandez def. #18 Manny Ooms (1-0)

First Round:

#1 Jared Jonkman def. #16 Matador Smith (3-2)

#8 Sam Satoski def. #9 JP Kehoe (8-7)

#4 Sam Bull def. #13 Austin Traxler (4-3)

#5 Brandon Terry def. #12 Bryce Lesher (10-9)

#2 Garrett Curless def. #16 Danny Hernandez (7-6)

#7 Levi Miller def. #10 Frankie Minerva (4-3)

#3 Austin Williams def. #14 Xavier Garcia (3-2)

#11 Andrew Karsten def. #6 Nate Marino (3-3, 2-1)

2nd Round:

#1 Jared Jonkman def. #8 Sam Satoski (6-5)

#5 Brandon Terry def. #4 Sam Bull (13-12)

#2 Garrett Curless def. #7 Levi Miller (5-4)

#2 Austin Williams def. #11 Andrew Karsten (6-5)

Final Four:

#1 Jared Jonkman def. #5 Brandon Terry (10-9)

#2 Garrett Curless def. #3 Austin Williams (11-10)


#1 Jared Jonkman def. #2 Garrett Curless (13-12)


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