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Panthers' Daivyn Davis And Wiffle Dees' Kody Webb Take Home Gold Glove Honors

Throughout the week, we are announcing the winners of each regular season award voted on by all eighteen Managers. A player/manager received 3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 points for a 2nd place vote, and 1 point for a 3rd place vote. Today we announce the National and American League Gold Glove Award winners.

Starting off in the National League, it was Panthers young star Daivyn Davis who won an extremely tight vote to earn his first Gold Glove Award. Davis finished with 25 votes which was two ahead of Levi Miller who finished in 2nd and four voted ahead of Lucas Oletti who finished in 3rd place.

Over the last few years we have seen Davis blossom into one of the league most talented all around players. He played a vital role in Granger winning their first ORWBL World Series last year and played as equally as large of role in their Hometown Cup win just a few weeks ago.

With Davis winning the award, Granger Panthers players have now received the award on three separate occasions. Davis joins his teammate Seth Campbell who took home the award back in 2017 and 2018. Davis emerging into one of the top fielders in the game has provided Panthers ace Griffin Smith with arguably the top outfield in the game. With Campbell, Davis, and Austin Williams in charge of the outfield, Granger is very well positioned to defend their ORWBL World Series title.

Moving over to the American League side we saw yet another extremely tight vote. South Bend's Brandon Terry gave Wiffle Dees' star Kody Webb all that he could handle, but ultimately fell shy by just one vote. By winning the narrow vote, the Cityless' Outfielder was able to bring home his 4th Gold Glove Award.

We started handing out this Award six years ago and the Webb family has absolutely dominated the voting. Webb's older brother Jasen won the American League vote back in 2018 as a member of the Hudson Lake Heat. In 2019, Kody Webb broke through as a member of the Mechanics by winning National League Gold Glove honors.

Webb made the transition over to the American League in 2020 with the County Line Kings where he then went on to win the award in consecutive years in 2020 and 2021. By winning the award this year, Webb has now won the award in four consecutive seasons as it might just be time to name the award after the elite fielder that he is.

Year in and year out, Webb provides the best hands in the league as teams are not able to reach base at all if a ball is hit to leftfield against the Dees. He is a true black hole in the Outfield as he has consistently proved himself to be the top fielder in all of ORWBL and one of the top fielders in the country.

Awards week continues tomorrow as we will announce the National and American League Manager of the Year Award winners. Below are the full results for the Gold Glove Awards as we will post all of the Manager's ballots in full next week.

National League Gold Glove Award Full Results:

Daivyn Davis: 25 (Panthers)

Levi Miller: 23 (Leprechauns)

Lucas Oletti: 21 (Billy Goats)

Joey Schuester: 13 (Meatspins)

Seth Campbell: 10 (Panthers)

Austin Williams: 8 (Panthers)

Bobby Bushman: 2 (Heat)

Gavin Peters: 2 (Knights)

Alec Holland: 1 (Skeeters)

Sean Touhey: 1 (Newts)

Sam Bull: 1 (Knights)

Adin Newman: 1 (Knights)

American League Gold Glove Award Full Results

Kody Webb: 29 (Wiffle Dees)

Brandon Terry: 28 (Truffle Butter)

Caleb Jonkman: 14 (Magic)

Garrett Ruiz: 9 (Wiffle Dees)

Josh Trim: 7 (Truffle Butter)

Jeremy Ross: 4 (Magic)

Todd Snyder: 4 (Pink Pandas)

Walter Griffin III: 2 (Truffle Butter)

Wes Ellis: 2 (Magic)

Drew Luther: 2 (Magic)

David Ooms: 2 (OTF)

Andy Sieradzki: 2 (Godfathers)

DJ Hill: 2 (Wildcards)

Chaz Boyd: 1 (Godfathers)


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