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The ORWBL Postseason has arrived as we begin the day with 16 teams while only 4 will remain

The 2021 ORWBL Postseason is here as all sixteen teams will be in action across four different regional sites! The top two seeds from the regular season in each league will be hosting all of the games while the higher seed will play as the home team in each game. Here is the full schedule for Sunday, August 1st as by the end of the day, we will be down to our final four teams as the LCS matchups will be set!

Granger Regional- Snead Field

Play-In: #8 Skeeters @ #5 Newts

Wild Card: Skeeters/Newts winner @ #4 Godfathers

NLDS: Wild Card winner @ #1 Panthers (Best of 3)

Mishawaka Regional- Rose Park

Play-In: #7 Leprechauns @ #6 Goon Squad

Wild Card: Leprechauns/Goon Squad winner @ #3 Truffle Butter

NLDS: Wild Card winner @ #2 Meatspins (Best of 3)

Flat Rock Regional- The Barnyard

Play-In: #8 OTF @ #5 Billy Goats

Wild Card: OTF/Billy Goats winner @ #4 Wildcards

ALDS: Wild Card winner @ #1 Cyclones

Maple City Regional- Magic Park

Play-In: #7 Pink Pandas @ #6 Heat

Wild Card: Pink Pandas/Heat winner @ #3 Kings

ALDS: Wild Card winner @ #2 Magic


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