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Due to its unique location, this backyard field finds itself in the middle of a wind tunnel, leading to its fair share of high scoring games over the years.

Inside The Garage

What was supposed to be a one-week filler field, the Garage has quickly evolved into one of the most well-known ballparks in all of ORWBL. Opened in 2016, this backyard field has become notorious for summer pick-up games for young players all throughout the league.

The Garage opened for action in Week 2 of the 2016 season. On a day plagued by low-scoring affairs, the Mechanics and Yabos scored a combined 136 runs in three games. After those high-scoring affairs Olive was hooked and The Garage was officially an ORWBL ballpark.

If the Garage is known for one thing, it has to be the wind. Thanks to the unique set-up of the backyard, high winds come funneling in right over home plate. Visiting team beware, Sunday Wiffleball at the Garage is an all-day affair, with 1 pm games often lasting until dinnertime.

Despite the high-scoring games, the Garage is no mini-field. With relatively deep fences and a wide field, the Garage is the perfect example of why ORWBL utilizes three outfielders. 

As if the wind wasn't bad enough for a pitcher's ERA, the wide park is always well-kept and the grass freshly cut short. Grounds ball notoriously come in faster than usual, meaning visiting teams need to adjust quickly to the unique conditions.

With the 2022 season, The Garage will have played home to three ORWBL franchises: Mechanics (2016-17, 2019); Kings (2020-21); and Wiffle Dees (2022). 

Facts & Figures

Built: 2016

First ORWBL Game: May 22, 2016

Mechanics 18, Yabos 13



7563 E 400 N

Rolling Prairie, IN 46371


Outfield Dimensions

Left Field: 100 feet

Center Field: 105 feet

Right Field: 95 feet


Height of Fence

Outfield: 4 feet


Did You Know?

Thanks to it's position downhill, flooding is a common issue for The Garage. On any given Sunday morning the grounds crew can be seen hard at work maintaining the mushy grounds. 

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