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Official Rules

2020 Season

The Old Republic Wiffle®Ball League will utilize the same rules used in Major League Baseball with the following exceptions:

Playing Field:  Each team must have their own home field. Playing surface, dimensions, and shape may vary from field to field. However, each field must be approved by the Commissioner's Office prior to its use. Each field must be equipped with a home plate, three bases and a designated pitching rubber. The pitching rubber shall be 30 feet from home plate. 1st and 3rd base must be 40 feet from home plate. The three points of the outfield fence (LF,CF,RF) must reach certain dimensions. Two of the three must be at least 90 feet, the other must be at least 80 feet. ORWBL encourages fields to be larger than this though to speed pace of play. Failure to meet this requirements in playoffs will disqualify the field from future games immediately, if reported during regular season the field in question must adjust field or move field for their next series. 

Ground rules shall be discussed prior to each series. If the home team captain does not establish ground rules prior to the game, any discrepancy shall favor the away team.

Umpiring:  Teams will umpire their own games. Any disputes shall be settled by team captains. If an agreement cannot be reached, a “do-over” play is allowed. THE BALL NEVER LIES. Umpires may be used in the postseason.

Equipment:  Equipment used will be the Official WIFFLE® Bat and Ball. All official yellow WIFFLE  branded bats may be used (rounded tip, or flat tip, bubble letter logo). Home team will provide the game balls.  Bats may have tape on the handle only. Additionally, the hole on the knob of the bat must be open, uncovered, and visible. No gloves will be permitted in the field. Players may wear turf shoes, but rubber or metal cleats are not allowed. If they choose, players may play barefoot.

All official yellow wiffle ball branded bats may be used.


Bat Alterations: 

1.) Any hole made by the bat manufacturer must remain uncovered. 

2.) Bat grips must not touch the barrel of the bat. The barrel begins where the original/existing bat grip ends.

Roster:  Each team will be allowed 15 players on their active roster. League games are played with five or six players at a time. However, a team may choose to play with four players (so long as they field a catcher) with no risk of forfeit. An additional hitter may be designated to bat for any fielder without other wise affecting the status of the fielder(s) in the game. This is separate from the Extra Hitter option teams have. Teams must play with at least 4 players and can play 7 players at a time maximum, with only 6 being allowed to hit.


Teams will be required to submit an official roster at the preseason meeting. Any changes made to the roster after the preseason meeting must be approved by the Commissioner's Office through contacting the Player's Association Representative: Jared Emmons. 

Defensive Alignment:  Five players will play the field (pitcher, catcher, and three fielders). All fielders, with the exception of the catcher, shall be positioned in fair territory at the time of the pitch. Fielders may switch positions at any time.

Batting Order:  The batting order will consist of five or six players. The number of hitters in a team’s lineup shall be established prior to each game. The batting order shall not change during a game. If substitutions are used, a player may not re-enter the batting order.

Extra Hitter: Teams may choose to bat an extra hitter in addition to their five fielders (for a total of six total batters). It is up to each Manager's discretion on whether or not they opt to use a EH.


Designated Hitter:  Teams may opt to use a Designated Hitter for anyone playing in the field. Teams can bat the maximum of six but still have seven players playing, with one player serving as a full time fielder.  It is up to each Manager's discretion on whether or not they opt to use a DH.

Game:  All games will be six innings long. Teams will play a set of three games. If the game is tied after six innings, extra innings will be played. To be considered official, four innings (or three and a half if the home team is winning), must be completed.

Pitching:  This is a slow pitch, or “pitch to hit,” league. Pitchers MUST HAVE at least one foot on the pitching rubber (or designated pitching line) when releasing the ball. There is no punishment in place for balking but it is frowned upon. If a pitcher is intentionally balking league managers are asked to report this to the league office if the said pitcher does not stop. As of 2023 league officials are ready to disqualify/ban a pitcher from the mound if they can not abstain from balking. If the batter feels the pitcher is throwing too hard, he or she may ask for them to slow it down.  

Batting:  There will be no called strikes, balls, or walks. Batters can strike out swinging. Foul tips caught by the catcher with two strikes will also be a strikeout. With less than two strikes, a foul ball must rise above the batter's head to be caught for an out.  Batters may not advance to first on an uncaught third strike. Batters must be prepared to swing. One handed swings will not be allowed for non-ADA players.

Bunting:  Bunting is not allowed in slow-pitch wiffleball.

Pitcher’s Hand: All force plays on the batter going to first base may be made to the pitcher, who may be anywhere in fair or foul territory. The runner may also be put out by force at first base. All other force plays must be made to the bases or to home plate.

Base Running:  Players will run the bases. No ghost runners will be used. Runners may not lead off or steal any base. Runners must remain on the base until the batter makes contact. After hitting a home run, a player does not have to run the bases.

Infield Fly:  No infield fly rule will be used.


Intentional Walks: Unlike some tournaments in the area, there are NO intentional walks in ORWBL

Pegging:  Fielders may throw the ball at runners to record an out. Base runners struck anywhere by a thrown ball will be ruled out. Additionally, base runners in fair territory, but not in contact with a base, will be ruled out if hit by any batted ball. The ball remains live after a pegging attempt, successful or not.  

Special Scoring Rules:     
1) There are no errors in wiffleball.  
2)  Starting pitchers must complete one inning to qualify for a win.  
3)  Everything is a save situation.

Rescheduling Procedures: 

1.) All games must be played on the scheduled date and time listed unless:

2.) Rescheduling will only be permitted due to inclement weather or Acts of God or IF both teams agree to play their series on the SAME weekend that it was originally scheduled. If both teams can not agree, then it must be played on the regularly scheduled date.

3.) Each team’s captain must agree in writing or text that the weather requires their series to be rescheduled

4.) All rescheduled series must be completed within seven (7) days of the originally scheduled series

5.) Any team who fails to play every game of every series will be disqualified from the playoffs and subject to a one-year ban from the league.


Teams must have at least four players present to avoid a forfeit.  Any team with a forfeit loss will be ineligible for the postseason.

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