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What began as a temporary field for a replacement team, Rocko's Park has quickly turned into one of the more well-kept and liked parks in all of ORWBL.

Inside Rocko's Park

Always the hitters field, Rocko's Park has been home to the Lynn Street Leprechauns since their arrival into the league in June 2016. Between the short fences, poolside availability, and general party atmosphere that the Leps provide, Rocko's Park quickly became an instant favorite of visiting teams and league-wide pick-up games alike.


The field, which was thrown together mid-season in 2016 following Bertrand's exit, is also the backyard of manager Nick Brassell's New Carlisle home. With it being just off US-20 in between New Carlisle and South Bend, it is one of the most central locations in all of ORWBL.


Rocko's Park has seemingly overtaken the Grassy Knoll as ORWBL's premier party destination following Emery's Army's departure from the league. Much like EA before them, the Leps find everyway possible to have a good time in their home games, as in-between inning dips into the pool are a mainstay for members of either team playing.


As for the field itself, the outfield fencing features a short garden fence running all the way from right field over, before its finally connected to a small part of wooden backyard fencing in left. The unique shape of the fencing provides hitters with extra incentive to hit the ball up the middle, as center-field is only 80 feet from the plate.


Similarly to their New Carlisle counterparts over at Migley Field, Rocko's Park features a fenced in backstop that forces catchers to play up and be right involved in the action.

High scoring games are common here on Lynn Street, as the shorter fencing assures opposing pitchers that their ERAs will rise after a visit to play the Leprechauns.


Facts & Figures

Built: 2016

First ORWBL Game: June 6, 2016

Muffs 26, Leprechauns 8



29481 Lynn St.

New Carlisle, IN 46552


Outfield Dimensions

Left Field: 91 feet

Center Field: 80 feet

Right Field: 92 feet


Height of Fence

Outfield: 4 feet


Did You Know?

Although formerly known as Shamrock Field, manager Nick Brassell has since renamed the ballpark to "Rocko's Park" after player-favorite dog Rocky Brassell passed away early in the 2018 season.

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