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Normally a full 90-degree field during ORWBL play, The Palace is modified during The Wiffleball Championship to fit tournament standards.

Inside The Palace of Bourissa Hills

The place where it all began, The Palace of Bourissa Hills has been hosting New Carlisle wiffleball games since the late 90s. Built by the New Prairie Little League as a t-ball field, the smaller dimensions make The Palace a perfect fit for wiffleball.


The park was first claimed by Marc Lindsey and the Banana Slugs for the league's inaugural season in 2007. Lindsey gave the field its familiar name, a play on the name of the Detroit Pistons home arena. The ballpark is located on the opposite side of the parking lot of Bourissa Hills park in New Carlisle. With Meridian Street running the length of left field and Ada Street in right, The Palace is known for the street-shot home runs, especially when the wind is blowing out.


After Lindsey left for Migleyville in 2008, Pterodactyls owner Jared Emmons saw it the perfect opportunity to move his franchise from the Polish Grounds, which is located next door to The Palace. The Palace has now become synonymous with the 'Dactyls, even after Emmons sold the franchise in 2012.

Since acquiring the Bourissa Hills name in 2012, current Wildcards owner Zach Rehlander has significantly changed this storied franchise. Despite changes to the team name and logo, the Palace has been relatively untouched and is still used to this day.


The Palace continues to be the default location for all pickup wiffleball games in the area, and it is rare to not see the park in use during the summertime. Due to scheduling conflicts with the little league, The Palace only hosts ORWBL games on Sundays.


Despite the scheduling conflicts, the tenants of The Palace have enjoyed many benefits from Little League ownership, including the recent addition of covered dugouts. Although it boasts the highest actual seating capacity in the league (76), the bleachers usually sit empty for most Wildcards home games.


The Palace also hosts games during The Wiffleball Championship each July. Because of its unique layout and rich history, it is among the featured fields of The Championship.

Facts & Figures

Built: 1996

First ORWBL Game: June 4, 2007

Banana Slugs 13, Team Stank 0



301 S Meridian St

New Carlisle, IN 46552


Outfield Dimensions

Left Field: 95 feet

Center Field: 96 feet

Right Field: 95 feet


Height of Fence

Outfield: 4 feet

Backstop: 8 feet


Did You Know?

Long before the Newts home at Bray and Dunn, The Palace was referred to as "Migley Field" by Garrett Curless due to its corner location and street-shot home runs.

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