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Three banners hang on the different areas of the fence, most notably the banner dedicated to Cam Snead hanging in center.

Inside Panther Park

Home to Granger's first wiffleball team, the Panthers, Panther Park ushered in a new era of expansion for the league in 2017. Granger's entrance to the league has helped open the rich wiffleball market that resides in east South Bend/Granger.


Panther Park opened for ORWBL action on May 7, 2017 as the Lynn Street Leprechauns visited the Panthers for a three-game series. The eventual 2017 National League West Champions walked away with a sweep in the opener.


Granger's opening series also marked the first time the Panthers would be playing without the late Cameron Snead, who passed away the previous winter. In front of a inspired home crowd, the Panthers were able to secure three straight wins, tokening the hashtag #4Cam in honor of their late friend.

The subdivision-held park features a tall tennis fence in center and right field which makes this park a nightmare for left handed batters. A shorter, extended fence trickles down the left side of the field, catering to righties. The outfield wall features various banners detailing tournament victories, as well as a large banner dedicated to Cam that has resided in center field since the opening of the park. 

Facts & Figures

Built: 2016 (Renovated 2018)

First ORWBL Game: May 7, 2017

Panthers 6, Leprechauns 3



51972 Gentian Lane

Granger, IN 46530


Outfield Dimensions

Left Field: 93 feet

Center Field: 95 feet

Right Field: 105 feet


Height of Fence

Left Field: 4 feet

Center/Right Field: 12 feet


Did You Know?

Due to the large tennis court fence, Panther Park's fence shoots up over 8 feet from left to center field.

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