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As one of the smaller ballparks in the league, Pine Park is notorious for long, high-scoring series.

Inside Pine Park

A long, gravel driveway leads back to this ballpark off Timothy Road. It is located east of Hudson Lake.  Pine Park is actually just across the Indiana Toll Road from Dapper Dan Field, the former Soggy Bottom Boys park.

The park has one of the most unique backdrops in wiffleball, as the picturesque woods are mixed together with the ongoing construction of a pipeline just beyond the outfield fence.

The outfield wall is constructed of bright orange snow fence, but is reinforced at the top with a wire. High winds can open the bottom of the barrier up for a ground rule double.

The park's unique ground rules allow for foul balls to be caught out of the trees that surround the field, so it is wise for fielders to never give up on a fly ball that appears to be out of play.

The surface at Pine Park is well maintained. The grass is cut much shorter in fair territory, creating natural foul lines without the need for paint. The grounds crew also covers the plate area with a tarp when the field is threatened by rain.

Facts & Figures

Built: 2014

First ORWBL Game: June 11, 2014

Soggy Bottom Boys 4, Heat 1



51995 Timothy Rd

New Carlisle, IN 46552


Outfield Dimensions

Left Field: 85 feet

Center Field: 95 feet

Right Field: 85 feet


Height of Fence

Outfield: 4 feet


Did You Know?

Pine Park is the site of the longest series in ORWBL history, a 2014 matchup between the Heat and the Pterodactyls that lasted for-ev-ver. Car headlights had to be used, but the Heat walked off in extras to win the series.

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