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Friedman takes over ORWBL

LA PORTE - Maple City Magic owner Alex Friedman has officially taken over as the ORWBL Commissioner for the 2016 season. Friedman was selected through a unanimous decision of the league's owners.

Friedman first entered the league shortly after the 2011 season began. Seeing the Mill Creek Minutemen failing to show up for their first few series, Friedman saw the opportunity to buy the franchise and completely overhaul its personnel. Changing the team name to the Magic and moving them to LaPorte, Friedman led the franchise to a 12-30 season. Most importantly, they completed all their scheduled games.

The franchise moved into a new park in 2012 and have transformed into one of the league's top teams since then.

Despite the previous consensus to shut down the league after the 2014 season, Friedman was among the most vocal to continue the league for a ninth season last summer. After league founder Koby Keck announced he would be stepping away after 2015, Friedman seemed the be the natural choice to replace him.

Keck remains the Commissioner of The Wiffleball Championship at Hometown Days, but Friedman will now guide all the league operations.


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