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South Bend's Brandon Terry, Lynn Street's Levi Miller Take Home Gold Glove Honors

Throughout the week, we will be announcing the winners of each regular season award voted on by all eighteen Managers. A player/Manager received 3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 points for a 2nd place vote, and 1 point for a 3rd place vote. Today we will announce the American and National League Gold Glove Award winners.

Starting off in the American League, it was former MVP Brandon Terry of the South Bend Truffle Butter who won a tight vote over Maple City's Jeremy Ross (29-25). Terry has widely been known as one of the top fielders in the game as the Truffle Butter star now adds a Gold Glove award to his resume.

After missing the first 3 games of the season, Terry locked down Left Field for the defending champions in hopes of defending their World Series title. On top of his incredible numbers at the plate, Terry led the charge in the outfield as he helped lead South Bend to a 24-6 record en route to earning the top seed in the American League.

Since entering the league in 2019 with BFAM, Terry has won a Rookie of the Year & MVP award, he became a World Series Champion in 2022, and now has a Golden Glove to his name. Terry and the Truffle Butter will look to continue their title defense this weekend as they square off with the Maple City Magic in a rematch from the 2022 ALCS. It will also be a battle between the top 2 finishers from 2023 this year's Gold Glove vote between Terry and Ross.

Moving over to the National League side it was Lynn Street's Levi Miller who won a very narrow vote over Granger's Austin Williams & Twin Branch's Lucas Oletti (21-20-18).

This was the 2nd time that Levi Miller has taken home National League Gold Glove honors as he did so in 2020, also as a member of the Lynn Street Leprecauns. Miller was once again flawless in the field as he was the captain of Lynn Street's outfield in what was a special season for the Leprechauns.

Miller represented the Leprechauns for the National League All Star team and played an enormous role in helping lead Lynn Street to their first ever winning season. He becomes just the 3rd ORWBL player to win multiple Golden Glove awards joining Kody Webb (4) and Seth Campbell (2).

The most impressive thing about this one for Miller is the fact that he beat out New Carlisle's Kody Webb after Webb won Gold Glove Awards in four consecutive seasons with one on the National League side (2019) and three on the American League side (2020-2022).

Awards week continues tomorrow as we will announce the winners of the American and National League Manager of the Year Awards. Below are the full results for the Gold Glove Awards as we will post all of the Manager's ballots in full next week.

American League Gold Glove Vote Final Results:

1st: Brandon Terry: 29 (Truffle Butter)

2nd: Jeremy Ross: 25 (Magic)

3rd: Todd Snyder: 13 (Pink Pandas)

4th: Owen Satoski: 8 (Cyclones)

T5th: Nick Fritz: 5 (Godfathers)

T5th: Josh Trim: 5 (Truffle Butter)

Brody Traxler: 4 (Bombers)

Chaz Boyd: 4 (Truffle Butter)

DJ Hill: 3 (Wildcards)

Tony Koch: 2 (Magic)

David Ooms: 2 (OTF)

Austin Traxler: 2 (Bombers)

Caleb Jonkman: 2 (Magic)

Clayten Struach: 2 (Pink Pandas)

Aaron Hogan: 1 (Pink Pandas)

Aiden Traxler: 1 (Bombers)

National League Gold Glove Vote Final Results:

1st: Levi Miller: 21 (Leprechauns)

2nd: Austin Williams: 20 (Panthers)

3rd: Lucas Oletti: 18 (Billy Goats)

T4th: Kody Webb: 11 (Newts)

T4th: Seth Campbell: 11 (Panthers)

Daivyn Davis: 9 (Panthers)

Bobby Bushman: 5 (Heat)

Alec Holland: 4 (Skeeters)

Joey Stratton: 3 (Meatspins)

Sean Touhey: 2 (Newts)

Erik Woodrich: 2 (Meatspins)

Gavin Peters: 1 (Knights)

Nolan Crail: 1 (Skeeters)


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