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Best Case, Worst Case: Union Mills Goon Squad

Turn on those team twitter notifications - ORWBL is back. We’re counting down the days until the 2019 season kicks off on May 5th by looking at the floor and ceiling of all 16 teams in the league. Today we're previewing the 1st of our 5 expansion teams and youngest team in the league: the Goon Squad. We look forward to hearing all about wrong these previews are, and how your team is being “slept on” this season.


Wiffleball News Preseason Ranking: 16

Last Season: N/A

Notable Transactions: N/A

Key Player: Brycen Strauch P/OF

Strauch will most likely be the ace on the mound for this young team, and pitching really is a difference-maker in ORWBL. The quicker he figures out the ins and outs of ORWBL-style play, the quicker this young team can between to grow to their full potentials. As the Manager, it will be interesting to see how Strauch leads his young squad.

Best-Case Scenario:

Stauch leads this young team to believe that despite their age, they can hang with the best of the best. This fearless team comes out of the gates with a couple early season series wins behind the bat of their Skipper Brycen Strauch. These guys end up taking advantage of being the team that not many people know about in the league and end up winning series because their opponents think it will be an easy series win. With so much youth on this team, the excitement of being a part of the league could translate to wins on the field.

Worst-Case Scenario:

This young team is not able to take on the talented National League and come out of the gates with a couple of tough series losses. In this case, Union Mills is simply not able to get going against these more experienced teams. An early playoff exit after a tough regular season is likely the worse case scenario for this squad.

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