Bourissa Hills finishes above .500 for first time since 2010

BOURISSA HILLS- Despite starting the season 2-10 at home, the Bourissa Hills Wildcards managed to climb their way back and finish above .500 for the first time since 2010.

After playing for 11 seasons under the Bourissa Hills Pterodactyls name, Manager Zach Rehlander decided it was time to make a change heading into the 2018 season. Rehlander felt the Wildcards name suited his team better "because you never know what you're going to get!"

Rehlander's statement was true for quite some time as this Wildcards team was either hit or miss. However, it seemed like this group was getting too comfortable being a team under .500 year in and year out.

Enter 2020 Rookie of the Year and MVP candidate DJ Hill. Rehlander made what would be a big splash right at the conclusion of 2019 as he brought DJ aboard.

Hill played one series last year before going on to help the Wildcards make a run to the ALDS, winning the Play In game and Wild Card game before falling to the Maple City Magic.

Hill got a taste of success and clearly wanted more. The addition of DJ Hill has been a game changer for this franchise as he has provided an elite bat to go along with Zach Rehlander, Cody Carlisle, and Allen Ament.

Hill's presence on and off the field changed the entire attitude surrounding the Wildcards as it was evident that these guys were hungry to compete.

With those 4 hitting like they have been all season long, the Wildcards simply needed some stability at pitcher. After starting the season with DJ Hill as their primary pitcher, Rehlander made the switch to long time crafty hurler Evan Layman. This would end up being an incredible managerial move that would really pay off.

Layman has had his share of struggles on the mound over the years but has not had a shortage of opportunities. After starting the season as their #2 pitcher, Rehlander made the mid season switch to Layman which would pay huge dividends.