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Minutemen seeking new manager for 2011

MILL CREEK- The Mill Creek Minutemen announced Friday night that Matt Mender will not be

retained as the organization's manager heading into the 2011 Old Republic Wiffleball League season. Team owner Matt Gard said the decision was a tough one and did not come without much consideration. "The team was much improved last year and I like the direction we're headed. I like (Mender) and I hope he will continue to be a part of this team, but he's a busy man seeking his degree and I think that manager of this squad ought to be someone with not only the wiffleball know-how, but also someone with the most time to commit to the team." Mender posted a 13-29 record in his sole season as the manager of Mill Creek, a five-game improvement from the Marmosets' mark in 2009. A replacement has not been announced, nor has a timetable for a new hire. Gard said he wants to take as much time as possible to make the right decision. "Traditionally, we've been a franchise with a lot of struggles, and it's no secret that with the 'Dactyls and South Bend in our division, we face some huge challenges. We need to find someone with good ideas, the ability to bring in new and better players and most of all, someone who is willing to put in the time to make this team a contender."


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