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Green Stem’s Nick Fritz, Lynn Street’s Bryce Bloode Named Comeback Players of the Year

Throughout the week, we will be announcing the winners of each regular season award voted on by all eighteen Managers.  A player/Manager received 3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 points for a 2nd place vote, and 1 point for a 3rd place vote.  Today we will announce the American and National League Comeback Players of the Year (Formerly known as Most Improved).

Starting off in the American League, it was Nick Fritz of the Green Stem Great Lakes Godfathers who received the most votes to win the award. After making a name for himself with the Elkhart BFAM during their run to the World Series in 2020, Fritz struggled in his first season with the Godfathers in 2022.

Playing in only 6 games, Fritz finished 2022 with a .167 Batting Average, going 4/24 with 3 Runs scored. 2023 was a completely different story for Fritz as he played a massive role in helping the Godfathers tie their best regular season record as they went 15-15.

Playing as a full time starter in 2023, Fritz finished the year with a .514 Batting Average by going 75/146 in 29 games played to go along with 24 HR, 41 RBI, 46 R.

All in all it was a fantastic comeback season from Fritz who re emerged as a dangerous weapon for Green Stem while also representing them for the American League All Star team.

Moving onto the National League side, it was Bryce Bloode of the Lynn Street Leprechauns who took home honors.

Bryce Bloode was a key member of the County Line Kings before departing for Lynn Street in 2022. In his first year with the Leprechauns, Bloode hit at a .207 clip, going 5/24 at the plate with 3 Runs and 3 RBI in 6 games played.

In 2023 Bloode re-emerged as a dangerous bat as he played a massive role in helping lead the Lynn Street Leprechauns to their first ever winning season.

This year in 23 games, Bloode hit at a .456 pace, going 52/114 with 28 HR, 38 RBI, and 42 Runs scored.

Awards week continues tomorrow as we will announce the winners of the American and National League Gold Glove Awards. Below are the full results for the Comeback Player of the Year Awards as we will post all of the Manager's ballots in full next week.

American League Comeback Player of the Year Vote Final Results:

1st: Nick Fritz: 23 (Godfathers)

2nd: Ryan Voges: 15 (Truffle Butter)

3rd: Brycen Strauch: 13 (Beers)

4th: Chaz Boyd: 11 (Truffle Butter)

5th: Whitt Huffer: 7 (Godfathers)

Austin Traxler: 6 (Bombers)

Clayten Strauch: 5 (Pink Pandas)

Ryan Ward: 4 (Pink Pandas)

Cadin McCarty: 4 (Beers)

Mark Haase: 4 (Godfathers)

Scott Bartley: 4 (Godfathers)

Jackson Buzea: 3 (Cyclones)

Drew Luther: 2 (Magic)

Kyle Gagliardi: 1 (Truffle Butter)

Todd Snyder: 1 (Pink Pandas)

Ben Beshinski: 1 (Beers)

National League Comeback Player of the Year Vote Final Results:

1st: Bryce Bloode: 26

2nd: Jacob Hughes: 14

3rd: Lucas Oletti: 11

T4th: Nolan Crail: 10

T4th: Justyn Fox: 10

T4th: Tyler Serosczynski: 10

Bailey Rhed: 5

Joey Stratton: 3

Sean Touhey: 3

Andrew Doran: 2

Aidan Cotter: 2

Mikey Smith: 2

Alec Holland: 2

Camden Bashaw: 2

Garrett Ruiz: 2

Nick Brassell: 1


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