Newts update logo for 2011 season

NEW CARLISLE- The New Carlisle Newts unveiled a new logo for the 2011 season. The

logo improves upon the previous logo design of the New Carlisle skyline inside a wiffle ball, which was introduced in 2009. The new design maintains the previous depiction of the New Carlisle skyline, featuring the Old Republic in the center, surrounded by the New Carlisle Town Hall, historic homes, and the I/N Kote tower. The new logo's color scheme includes darker shades of green and orange, more consistent with the team's official colors and uniforms. The script "Newts" in the center of the logo has changed from white with an orange outline to orange with a white outline. Most notably, the new logo includes a representation of the viaduct, which marks the entrance into New Carlisle, at the base of the skyline. While the traditional green and orange design will be used as the primary logo, the Newts also introduced an alternate logo featuring a black and green color scheme.


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