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Surprise coming in South Bend?

SOUTH BEND - When Sour Wowers manager Andy Ellam held his press conference

announcing the folding of the franchise, he spoke of the possibility of big news coming from the city of South Bend. The quote was immediately tweeted out by the official account of the South Bend Muffs, a perennial City Championship contender. The Muffs have played three years in the Hometown Days tournament, reaching the Final Four, Elite Eight, and Sweet Sixteen. In August, the Muffs were rumored to be in merger talks with an unnamed ORWBL franchise. The Muffs have connections to three teams: Anthony Rieff appeared in 21 games for the Sour Wowers in 2012, journeyman Seth Shail was most recently a member of the Gangster Slugs, and Allen Ament was a standout rookie for the Soggy Bottom Boys. Sources close to the league office say that the Muffs have reached out to the league regarding the 2013 season. Nothing has been confirmed, but the team would likely compete in the American League as an expansion franchise.


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