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Maple City rebuilding project completed

LA PORTE- The start of the 2011 Old Republic Wiffle Ball League season was a frustrating

time for the Commissioner's Office. Looking to finally establish legitimacy by eliminating forfeits, disaster struck the league office: the Mill Creek Minutemen never started their season. A successful rebranding effort, coupled with progress on the field in 2010, the 2011 season seemed to be a promising time for the Minutemen. However, poor communication within the franchise (also between the team and the league), led to its demise. The league would be forced to award forfeit victories to all Minutemen opponents to keep the schedule balanced at 42 games a piece. Enter Alex Friedman. Prospective buyer of the franchise. Facing a rescheduling nightmare, among other things, Friedman gave the team its fourth name in as many seasons. But this one would stick. The Magic struggled in their rookie campaign with 12-30 record, but showed promise for the future after a surprise run to the Elite Eight of the 2011 City Championship. As they've added pieces from both the Federalists (Shane Anderson and Drew Luther) and the Gangster Slugs (Wes Ellis and Brian Lockhart), the Magic have transformed into one of ORWBL's elite and the class of the American League on the field. Throw in a brand new ballpark, color scheme and uniforms, and the Magic have become a true big market wiffleball franchise.


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