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Newts back in spotlight

NEW CARLISLE - Four years is a long time. In the always-changing landscape of the Old

Republic Wiffle Ball League, it can seem like an eternity. Just ask anybody from New Carlisle. It's been four years since the Newts walked off the field at The Palace of Bourissa Hills, beaten by their rivals in the much-hyped Crosstown World Series. Since then, wiffleball's most visible franchise has fallen on hard times. Once a model of consistency and success, the Newts dropped to 8-34 in 2012. Despite the recent struggles, the franchise has continued on; dedicated to bringing an elusive ORWBL Championship to their hometown. They'll get another shot at it when they square off against the Maple City Magic in the 2013 ORWBL World Series. With franchise icons Garrett Curless, Koby Keck, and Kaylor Keck still contributing, the front office has surrounded them with a cast of All-Stars and future Hall of Famers from a variety of ORWBL teams. Prior to the 2012 season, longtime 'Dactyls Jared Emmons and Denis Jedrysek signed with the club. Each have seen expanded roles this year, along with a huge group of 2013 free agent signings. First the Newts went across town again, swiping Chayse Davis from the Pterodactyls as well. Then, they landed 2012 AL Cy Young Adam Rehlander from the folding Gangster Slugs. Rehlander had previous played for the Newts in 2008. The largest impact, however, came when the Newts landed two-time ORWBL Champion and former Sour Wowers manager Matt Serge. Serge brought along his brother Mike and Andy Ellam, bringing a wealth of championship experience to the ballclub. Known for its longevity as the only continuously operating franchise with no name changes, relocation or ownership transfers, the New Carlisle Newts may just be getting started. With the recent injection of new life, this franchise appears to be built for the long haul.


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