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NC's Keck wins fourth Manager of the Year

NEW CARLISLE - With the eighth season of the Old Republic Wiffle Ball League in the

books, the league will recognize its top performers of this past season. Koby Keck of the New Carlisle Newts has been named 2014 ORWBL Manager of the Year. It is the fourth Manager of the Year honor for Keck, who guided the Newts to their second consecutive ORWBL title with a victory over the Cult West Warriors in the World Series. Keck previously won the award three times in the National League, including last season. After nearly forcing himself to step down following the dismal 2012 season, Keck has completely rebuilt the Newts franchise. Stocking up on future Hall of Famers, New Carlisle has once again become a top destination for ORWBL free agents. Keck probably owes the 2014 award to Noah Shail and his outstanding play down the stretch for the Newts. Shail was acquired from the crosstown Pterodactyls over the All-Star break. Keck was able to talk down the asking price to a case of Busch Light and a 2014 Newts championship ring for 'Dactyls manager Zach Rehlander. When Shail batted .651 with 29 home runs and 54 RBI in just 12 games for the Newts, the trade became widely considered as the best in ORWBL history by the rest of the league. For the second straight year, Scott Soos and Eric Johnson finished second and third in the voting, respectively. Soos led the Warriors to a 31-5 record and a trip to the World Series. Johnson became just the third manager in ORWBL history to reach 100 career wins this year. However, his votes should probably be credited to Jake Lawrence, who did most of the work in organizing Emery's Army this season. All ORWBL awards were voted on by the managers of the league.


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