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EA wins inaugural F&A Gold Cup

LA PORTE - Rolling Prairie has a wiffleball championship to call its own. Emery's Army took down the Maple City Magic, 14-5, in the title game of the inaugural Friedman & Associates Invitational.

The team of Eric Johnson, Jake Lawrence, Ryan Murphy, and tournament MVP Matt Serge finished off the long day by defeating the host team. Car headlights had to be used to illuminate Magic Park for the finale.

Maple City knocked off fellow ORWBL teams Saugany Lake White Lightning and Hudson Lake Heat on their way to the title game.

The Bourissa Hills Pterodactyls also participated in the event, going 3-0 in pool play and earning the #1 overall seed for the double elimination tournament.

Absent were the Cult West Warriors and New Carlisle Newts, who were playing each other in the opening games of the 2015 ORWBL World Series.


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