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Friedman, Keck named top skippers in 2016

NEW CARLISLE- Throughout this week, the 2016 season awards will be announced on All awards were voted on by the managers of the league. The second honors to be handed out are for Manager of the Year. Maple City's Alex Friedman and New Carlisle's Koby Keck won their respective league's: For the American League, Maple City's Alex Friedman and for the National League, New Carlisle's Koby Keck. Friedman led the Magic to the a league's best 17-7 record while Keck led his Newts to a 16-8 record which helped them win the National League East. Neither skipper is a stranger to the award. Friedman won the AL Manager of the Year in 2011, and 2013, and has now won 3 AL Manager of the Year awards in his 6 seasons leading the Magic. While in the National League, Keck takes home his 6th Manager of the Year, previously winning in 2007, 2008, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Both manager's made significant changes to their ballclubs over the past year. Friedman signed Eric Johnson who has been a key part to the Magic's success despite being hobbled by an ankle injury for most of the season.

In one of the biggest blockbuster trades in ORWBL history, Friedman acquired John Arndt from Jet City. The Magic were 9-6 at the time of the trade, but have gone 13-1 since the trade. They currently take a 9 game winning streak heading into the World Series.

Overall, it was a great bounce back season for Maple City as they failed to win a playoff game in the previous 2 seasons while also going just 12-12 last season. For Keck and the Newts, he now has won 6 Manager of the Year awards in his 10 seasons as the Newts skipper. Keck has now won this award for a 4th consecutive season as he has completely rebuilt the Newts over the past 4 years, leading them to 2 ORWBL Championship's (2013, 2014).

The Newts will look to bring the ORWBL Championship back to New Carlisle, after losing to the Cult West Warriors in a thrilling 7 game series. Keck made a monumental splash in the offseason, signing the Cult West core after Scott Soos announced that the team would not be returning in 2016.

New Carlisle swept the Magic in a close 3 game series played at the Grassy Knoll. It will be a different matchup this time around as Maple City made their in season moves while Noah Shail was not available for the series.

Keep checking back to for more 2016 season awards. On Tuesday, Cy Young honors will be announced for both the American and National Leagues.


Magic- Alex Friedman (31 votes)

Junkballers- Nate Arndt (17 votes)

Heat- Jared Monhaut (17 votes)

Leprechauns- Dustin Curl (6 votes)

Pterodactyls- Zach Rehlander (1 vote)


Newts- Koby Keck (23 votes)

Dabbers- Jared Emmons (16 votes)

White Lightning- Doug Benner (16 votes)

Sour Chicken Muffs- Anthony Rieff (13 votes)

Yabos- Grant Duncan (4 votes)

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