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Team of the Week: Bourissa Hills Pterodactyls

Team of the Week: Bourissa Hills Pterodactyls

Why they can win:

Honestly, we don’t have many reasons why the Dactyls can win in 2017, mostly due to them not making any offseason moves to better themselves. But there are some positives to look at heading into this season. They are one of the league's most historic teams and have a lot of experience compared to these first and second year teams.

In fact less than half the league has more than one season under their belt. If the Dactyls can improve on their 2016 4-8 road record they could possibly make a run at a 15-15 season. The Dactyls have also signed Cody Carlisle, who could present problems for the opposition. Maybe these moves could better them in 2017, but if not, look for a similar season to 2016 for the Dactyls.

Why they can’t win:

The Dactyls had an alright year in 2016. They went 10-14 later to be knocked out in the divisional round of the playoffs. The Dactyls will not be able to win ORWBL this year if they don’t improve their hitting. As a team they hit .393, one of three teams in the league to bat under .400. They also only hit 62 home runs, in which there was only one other team to hit under 80 home runs. The Dactyls were also in the bottom three teams when it came to runs scored.

Obviously, the Dactyls need to change something up in their lineup, and the reason we are scared for them in 2017 is because they haven’t changed anything. The Dactyls seem to be the only team in ORWBL to not have made any offseason moves.

When looking into individual stats there is also some worrisome headlines for the Dactyls. Take a look at their top five batters with the most at bats. The best batting average you see is Mo Burke’s, batting .433. The rest all under .410. To put that in retrospective on how bad that is, the 7-17 Olive Township Mechanics batted .461 as a team in 2016.

We believe no one can disagree, that if there are no moves coming soon for the Dactyls, they might not like their record in ORWBL this 2017 season. We have them going about 12-18 in 2017, which might be a bit generous.

Projected record: 12-18

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