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Muffs fold after returning for 1 season

SOUTH BEND- Shortly after 2018 Rookie of the Year Mark Richards announced he would be leaving South Bend to form his own ORWBL team, Muffs manager Anthony Rieff ended any speculation of a 2019 return by formally announcing the Muffs would not be returning next season.

Rieffs announcement came via twitter early Saturday afternoon. “We have officially decided to take a break from ORWBL for the 2019 season,” the Muffs twitter account stated.

Rieff’s decision comes on the heels of a disappointing end to a successful ORWBL season in

which South Bend was able to secure the #2 seed in the American League but lost in blowout fashion to the Hudson Lake Heat in the first round of the playoffs.

Despite this disappointing finish, the Muffs 17-7 regular season record improves South Bend’s all-time ORWBL record to a stellar 32-16.

Unlike South Bend’s previous ORWBL season, this year’s success came earlier rather than later

as the Muff’s didn’t lose a series until Week 7.

The mainstays such as the Rieff brothers, Erick Mentock, and Conner MacMillan held down the fort as usual, but South Bend was also aided by off-season additions such as Connor VanOverberghe, Garrett Ruiz, Corey Boyd, Aidan Cotter, and Mark Richards.

As for the future of those key contributors, Rieff added on twitter the following;

“We have plenty of good free agents available for the upcoming season for those interested.”

As of now, nothing is confirmed on where these players will go, but rumors are always

circulating in ORWBL and it will be interesting in the months to come to see where these boys in pink will call home come 2019.

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