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2019 Hall of Fame Class: Empty as voters end up selecting 0 1st Ballot Hall of Famers.

NEW CARLISLE- With the commissioner's announcement of a new way of electing people into the Hall of Fame, 20 voters voted for the 2019 Hall of Fame class. Despite some being close, there will be no 1st Ballot Hall of Famers as none of the candidates reached the 75% required mark.

Three players were very close as Adam Rehlander missed out on the Hall of Fame by 1 vote. Seth Shail was not that far off as he was 2 votes away while the single season Home Run record king, Nick Arndt needed 3 more votes.

Any player that failed to receive 5% will no longer be on the ballot heading forward. Any player that received at least 5% will remain on the original ballot for a period of 3 years. Here are the results:

Eligible for 2020 Ballot:

Adam Rehlander: 70%

Seth Shail: 65%

Nick Arndt: 60%

Bobby Ellam: 40%

Bronson Severs: 15%

Chris Serge: 15%

Scott Potter: 15%

Zach Galloway: 15%

Blair Vandenberg: 10%

Jake Benner 5%

Derrick Brewer: 5%

Patrick Zweirzinski: 5%

Tim Bacon: 5%

Greg Jarret: 5%

Wayne Cencelowski: 5%

Ineligible for 2020 Ballot:

Cody Benson: 0%

Cody Ward: 0%

Zach Osborn: 0%

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