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ORWBL Player Profile: Tim "Matador" Smith

Throughout the rest of the season, we will be releasing new player profiles each week. Each player profile will be filled with a mixture of 15 different Wiffleball and personal questions. Leading off, we have Tim "Matador" Smith of the Great Lakes Godfathers. Matador is a 2x All Star who is currently in his 5th year.

1.) How were you introduced to ORWBL?

In 2015, I went to watch the Wifflehawks Tourney at Four Winds Field in South Bend. The OG Godfathers were playing (under a different name at the time) and it was so cool watching them play at their location with the full sized home run fence. Afterwards Haase asked me if I wanted to start up a team for ORWBL the following year. I was hooked and the rest is legendary history. I'm not too sure now of the other team names we could have used but the Great Lakes Godfathers stuck and was a great name for us older guys.

2.) You are down 3 in the bottom of the 6th inning. The bases are loaded..who do you want up to bat?

It depends on which one of these guys is hitting lights out at the time. I would say Haase, Sieradzki, or Premetz. All of them are the best hitters on the Godfathers right now! Hard to pick just 1.

3.) What is your ideal Friday night?

My ideal Friday night? I'm old! I've done pretty much everything on a Friday night including drinking. If I had to choose, it would be getting in a car and going for a long drive (either in Michigan or Indiana) and picking up some food along the way. Then come home and turn on the tube and chill. Yeah, Im boring!

4.) Who is your least favorite player in the league?

Right now it is Biscuits Myers! No, I'm just joking! There is no one that I dislike in the league. I have no enemies and can say that about out team too (I think). Myself would be a good answer too. I'm struggling at the plate and on the mound. I need to get it going for the Godfathers sake and mine!

5.) Who is the most overrated player in the league?

Me! Yeah, I'm the fan favorite, but definitely not even in the top half of the players in the league. My pitching and hitting are streaky. I'll have a good game pitching from time to time and the same goes for batting. I'm old what do you expect? But I will give it 110% at anything I do in this game. That's just me!

6.) Who will win the 2020 ORWBL World Series and why?

I can't just pick one. Panthers, Newts, Magic, and Cyclones would be my likely candidates. They all have outstanding players and they want it that bad. But don't rule out the Godfathers, we're not done yet!

7.) If you could play for 1 other ORWBL team, who would it be?

If I could play for 1 other team other than the Godfathers, I would have to say the Hudson Lake Heat. Those guys are fun to watch and play and it was always a good time when we played them. I know if we could pick up one guy for the Godfathers it would be Ben McDonald. He is a beast at the plate! But all them guys are cool as hell.

8.) What are your feelings on being on of the oldest players in the league?

I just wonder why there isn't more older guys! It's fun, athletic and keeps me young at heart! So to all the players out there, get your dad off the couch to play some ball with you. Happy Fathers Day to you all!

9.) How long do you plan to swing the yellow plastic?

I'm gonna go with Eminem's song on this one! "I'm gonna rip this shit, till my bones collapse!" Being this old and playing week in and week out, I'm surprised I haven't ended up on the IR list. I've only had two injuries since starting in the league in 2016 and both occurred at tourneys. I couldn't finish Hometown in 2016 and at Peacefest last year. If anyone truly knows me, I don't like to sit, I want to play. Last week at BFAM we had an over abundance of players and I had to sit out a game and a half. I hated sitting myself out and others. I just want to play!

10.) How many souls have you acquired over the years?

It's hard to say, but Matadorville started the soul taking! That day was the best! Some teams get frustrated when I pitch to them, because they can't get nothing past me or win a game (Mechanics/White Lightning). I like days like that. So far this year though, soul taking has been at an all time low in the National League. I'll have to figure something out and quick!

11.) What is your workout regime to be able to compete at such a high level?

My daily job keeps me in shape. I do 80 to 90 crunches a night to keep my back in check. I chop down trees, move logs and clear lanes for hunting season, which is a never ending chore. But whenever someone needs something moved or help getting some things done- Who do you think they call? The guy with the monster calves, thats who!

12.) How many logs is too many logs for the Matador to carry?

Sad thing about logs I was carrying in the picture on twitter, is the picture should have been taken from the side. You can't tell how long those logs were, which each one was at least 5 feet. Not sure how many I can carry, but I'll take down trees, demo a house for flipping or even put up a fence when needed. Anything for a few bucks and a workout!

13.) How many bulls have you tamed in your life?

3 or 4 bulls had to be tamed to put them back into there place. I'm usually a lover, not a fighter. But if you open up the fighting part of me, its on! No one is going to like that, not even me.

14.) What is your favorite tv show and your favorite movie?

My favorite tv show would be Seinfeld and the favorite movie would be the Breakfast Club.

15.) What is your favorite Wiffleball memory?

2017 Hometown Cup tourney, MATADORVILLE! Best day of wIffle for me, ever! One extra inning game away from MIGLEY!

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