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ORWBL Player Profile: Walter Griffin III

Throughout the rest of the season, we will be releasing new player profiles each week. Each player profile will be filled with a mixture of 15 different Wiffleball and personal questions. This week we have Elkhart BFAM's slugger Walter Griffin III. Walt is a 2x All Star who is currently in his 2nd year in the league.

1. How were you first introduced to Wiffleball?

I was introduced to competitive wiffleball in the summer of 2018. I was asked by my good friend Austin Traxler to play in the Hometown Days tourney with my duo partner Brandon Terry, Kody Webb, and Colton Boren of the Landsharks.

2. If you could choose to only play wiffleball or bowling, which one would you choose to play?

Bowling would be the sport I choose. Bowling is my priority in my life and can make a career living out of bowling.

3. What is your ultimate goal that you would like to accomplish in sports?

My ultimate goal in sports is to win. Winning makes me feel good and boosts my confidence to the next event.

4. If you could play with 1 player that you have never played with before, who would it be and why?

The player I would choose would be Griffin Smith. He’s a different player than most in the league. His mentality that he brings to the game of wiffleball is unstoppable. He competes in every At Bat & every pitch on the mound.

5. What are your top 3 favorite wiffleball venues to play league games or tournaments at and why?

World Wiffleball is my top venue. It’s like a plastic version of the MLB. Running the bases after a Home Run is something that every kid dreams about. Hometown Days would be my second. It’s such a huge tourney and brings the best of the best to the tourney. ORWBL would be my third. Knowing how well you do from start to end of the season with stats is definitely something people enjoy to see. It makes you want to be the best in every category.

6. We know what BFAM stands for but how did the name itself form?

I was watching rush hour and ya know Chris Tucker was explaining to Jackie Chan that he is his brother from another mother. I brought that to our Elkhart name since we all grew up together and we just rolled with it.

7. You get to build an ORWBL super team of 5 players. Who are your 5 and why?

Wes Ellis- He’s an overall solid player in the box and in the field.

Mark Richards- You always need a player who can hit anywhere on the field. Mark does just that.

Griffin-The stick he brings to the game is dominant.

For the last two it would be myself and Brandon Terry. We understand it’s our second year but we can produce at the plate and our defense is consistent.

8. Who is the best trash talker in wiffleball?

Jake Lawrence is a guy I respect but he definitely can get into anyone’s head with his comments. At the end of the day he respects you if you respect him.

9. It seems like you are at your best when people doubt you. Why is that?

You can’t underestimate someone by the color, age, or anything. I believe I dominate when haters hate. I like to backup my talk.

10. What are your top suggestions for those looking to improve their bowling skills?

Bowling is a tough sport mentally. That’s the main thing as having a good approach from the mental side helps you compete in an individual sport. Bowling is a sport in which you need to stay composed at all times. Also I would have to say getting reps in is definitely important. The more you bowl the better you are going to get.

11. You are competing in an ultimate challenge filled with 5 events: basketball, cornhole, golf, bowling, and wiffleball. Who are you taking on your 5 man team and why?

Mark Richards- He’s a competitor in everything he does.

Chaz Boyd- He’s athletic and athleticism plays a big role competing in different events.

Jared Jonkman- I definitely need a tall athletic guy and he’s the man to join this squad in events.

Daivyn Davis- Daivyn would have to be another pick up. He’s young but can definitely fit in with the events with his athletic ability.

Myself- I am gonna be my own 5th!

12. How does life in Elkhart compare to some of the other cities in ORWBL.

Elkhart isn’t anything exciting. I think it’s a city where you want to find a career in factories. Other cities it seems to be more involved in personal business etc.

13. What is your pre and post game routine?

Herbalife is my pregame with music and my post game would be dinner. I’m a huge fan of food so I believe you should treat yourself after a long day.

14. Who are your top 5 favorite athletes?

Derek Jeter, Walter Griffin Jr (dad), Kobe Bryant, Chris Barnes, and Devin Hester. You look at all these players.. well I have their abilities and they inspire me to follow their steps in being the best. My dad was a track star in high school and he’s deaf. Kobe has a mentality that I have. Jeter's hitting ability is off the charts. Chris Barnes is my bowling inspiration. That guy never gives up on the lanes. And well devin Hester he’s fast. That’s me!

15. Who do you admire in the wiffleball community the most?

I gotta go with Mookie. He gives me a good vibe no matter the time of the day. He is someone who knows your name and always has something good to say about you.. he’s the guy.

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