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2021 ORWBL All Star Teams Announced

The 2021 ORWBL All Star Game is just one day away as the league's brightest stars will descend upon historic Migley Field for the mid summer classic. Over the last week, the sixteen manager's voted for their All Star starters and reserves. The top fourteen vote getters for each league were named All Stars before the Last Man In vote took place over twitter. Over the past few days there have also been a few replacement players announced to the teams so let's take a look at the 2021 All Star teams. All Star festivities will begin at 6:00pm ET on Saturday night with the Home Run Derby leading into the All Star Game. Maple City's Alex Friedman will manage the American League while New Carlisle's Koby Keck will manage the National League.

2021 American League All Star Team:


SP-Jared Jonkman (MC)

Tyler Shupert (BH)

DJ Hill (BH)

Caleb Jonkman (MC)

Brandon Terry (FR)

Kody Webb (CL)


Walter Griffin III (FR)

Zachary Christy (MP)

Lucas Oletti (TB)

Ben McDonald (HL)

Colton Boren (CL) Won AL Last Man In vote

Parker Huttel (CP)

Alex Friedman (MC)


Mark Richards (FR) Was voted in as Starting Pitcher

Wes Ellis (MC)

Drew Luther (MC)

2021 National League All Star Team:


SP- Anthony Rieff (MM)

Andy Sieradzki (GL)

Griffin Smith (GR)

Josh Trim (UM)

Seth Campbell (GR)

Austin Traxler (LS)


Ryan Galiher (SB)

Alec Holland (GLEN)

Garrett Ruiz (NC)

Scott Soos (NC)

Matt Soos (NC)

Aidan Cotter (NC)

Levi Miller (LS)


Noah Shail (NC) Was voted as in a Starter

Garrett Curless (NC) Was voted in as a Starter

Ryan Warmoth (MM)

Joey Schuster (MM)

Tyler Serocynski (GR)

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