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Jurczak denies Newts, stays with Slugs

HUDSON LAKE – After a pursuit by the New Carlisle Newts which lasted nearly eight months, Scotty Jurczak has chosen to remain with the Hudson Lake Banana Slugs. The free agent announced his decision through a Facebook event called, "Scotty Jurczak: The Decision." Jurczak broke into the ORWBL in 2008 with the Newts. However, he left New Carlisle with Adam Rehlander to restart the Banana Slugs franchise in 2009. The Newts had offered Jurczak a 6-year contract worth $72, which started a bidding war across the league. Newts owner Koby Keck even offered to hold Scotty Jurczak bobblehead night at Migley Field if he signed with the team. Emery's Army tossed out an offer of a $16 signing bonus and a complimentary team jersey. The Mill Creek Minutemen offered Jurczak, who recently turned 16, a Hyundai Tiburon. In the end, Jurczak chose to stick with his friends, the Banana Slugs. His return to the club will certainly bolster the B-Slugs chances at contending for the American League pennant. Jurczak's full post on the event wall can be read below:

"This was not an easy choice, playing for the legendary new carlisle newts with a 6 year contract scotty jurczak bobblehead doll night and playing at migley field oh and cant forget those season ticket for the whole family. The mill creek minutemen offering up a hyundai tiburon, just so happens to be my favorite car. or maybe even EA, ...the dark horse with a catchy jingle "EA all the way." And the classy Banana Slugs, the team that took me in when i was just a young pup and made me feel like a real part of their wolf pack.. but after much deliberation i am happy to announce for the 2011 season i will once again be repin the green and yellow B-Slugs jersey.. thank you everyone bieber out"


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