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Rehlander decides post-Slugs future

NEW CARLISLE- Shortly after being named 2012 AL Cy Young, Adam Rehlander found a new

place to pitch: Migley Field. Rehlander and the Newts have agreed to a three-year deal which will bring the former Slugs ace back to New Carlisle. Rehlander is no stranger to the Newts, as he played for the club in 2008 during the Slugs one-year hiatus. However, he has spent the rest of his six year ORWBL career on the other side of the rivalry with the Slugs. Migley Field, a launching pad when the wind is blowing out, may seem like an odd destination for a free agent, Cy Young winner, but Rehlander was not interested in hanging around Heston for the revamping of the Slugs. Seth Shail as already been announced as the new manager of the club after Brian Lockhart defected to the Magic. Rehlander went 14-2 for the Slugs this year with a 11.60 ERA. He also adds another strong bat to the Newts lineup, as he hit .604 with 37 HR and 88 RBI in just 25 games this season. Rehlander is expected to bat in the leadoff spot for New Carlisle. Rehlander is the second major signing for the Newts this week. New Carlisle also landed 'Dactyls slugger Chayse Davis on Sunday night. After an embarrassing 8-34 record in 2012, New Carlisle is desperate to get back on top of the Old Republic Wiffle Ball League. Once a title contender, New Carlisle has completely fallen off the ORWBL World Series radar. The Newts won four consecutive division titles in the first four years of the league, but have now had two straight losing seasons. New Carlisle management seems to be all in for the 2013 campaign, and more moves could be on the way.


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