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Trusting the process, Brassell and the Leps head into 2019 with high expectations, shares thoughts o

NEW CARLISLE- The Lynn Street Leprechauns are heading into the 2019 season with more expectations than ever before. You might be asking why are we talking about a team that has gone a combined 17-61 in their 3 seasons in the league (2 full seasons).

Before we talk about the bright future of this franchise, here is a look at the Leprechauns 2019 roster:

- Bailey Rhed OF

- Nick Brassell OF/P

- Terry Ski C/OF

- Zach Brassell EH/C/P

- Dylan Kegley OF/EH

- Nick 'Guy' Wilson

- Ev King EH/C/P

- Matt Mookie Smith P

- Kevin May UTIL

- Nate Hansen P/EH/C

On paper, this is certainly a better roster than their 2018 team that won a franchise best 10 games. When speaking with Brassell, his confidence was sky high as he noted that they are looking to build off of their momentum from last season as. an up and coming team after being a laughing stock for 2 years.

Brassell also made sure to talk about his National League MVP Bailey Rhed who his hungry for "back to back MVP's". He made it clear that this team is now a year older and will also benefit from some veteran free agent acquisitions.

Brassell also made it clear about how excited he was about the signing of Nate Hansen, the former Cabo Yabo and veteran wiffleballer. Brassell said that "We add May and Hansen who are 2 proven vets that will surely give our team a boost. We know that Hansen and May will come when they can because they live in Chicago but expect to have them at half of the series'.

When asked about the Designated Hitter rule change, Brassell had a lot to say about things. "I am not going to lie and he will confirm it, Mookie inspired the whole DH rule. Mookie is a top pitcher in the league but he is also a bottom batter in this league and everyone knows (no offense Mooks.

But I figured hey if Mookie can pitch we would be significantly better and more competitive altogether. Moving forward with Mookie on the mound, the plan is to just DH him and let the guys on the bench rotate the DH spot. For example, player A and player B are on the bench. Player A goes up to bat for the DH and hits, next time the DH comes up, player A would get to bat again because he hit, but this time he gets an out. Then player B would get a turn at the DH spot and so on.

I am really glad that the rule change got passed and I hope other teams can see why it is good for the league as it gets more people involved and allows teams with circumstances like ours to be more competitive."

The juicy interview was filled with a lot of good stuff as the Leps Manager is just giving off infectious vibes that he hopes will carry the Leprechauns to a successful 2019 season. While we are not sure what to define a successful season for the Leps, all they know is that they are ready to win and compete in the National League.

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