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Widespread managerial changes for 2012

NEW CARLISLE- Although the long Old Republic Wiffle Ball League offseason saw very few

major player transactions, big changes came at the top for many of the league's organizations. Of the eight teams returning from 2011, five will have new managers for 2012. With the addition of the two expansion teams, the league will see seven rookie skippers this season. 2012 Managerial Changes: Heston Gangster Slugs New manager: Brian Lockhart Old manager: Brad Schmitt [52-32 (.619) in two seasons] Schmitt left the club frustrated with their continued futility in tournament and postseason play. However he later signed with the Newts, who are notorious for their own postseason failures. Lockhart, a four-year veteran of the team, completely re-branded the organization. The team's name has been changed from the Banana Slugs to the Gangster Slugs. The team unveiled a new logo with a black and white color scheme. Bourissa Hills Pterodactyls New manager: Kody Gorny Old manager: Jared Emmons [101-61 (.623) in five seasons] Just one year removed from a league-record 38 wins in 2010, the Pterodactyls crashed and burned last season with a 15-27 record. Legendary manager Jared Emmons was unable to generate enough interest for the club to return in 2012. While Emmons and future Hall of Famer Denis Jedrysek have since signed with the Newts, Kody Gorny has purchased the team and will bring in a completely new roster of players to The Palace. South Bend Sour Wowers New manager: Andy Ellam Old manager: Matt Serge [64-20 (.762) in two seasons] Another iconic manager stepped down this offseason, as Matt Serge of the Sour Wowers handed over the franchise to Andy Ellam. Serge was the 2010 AL Manager of the Year, and led the team to two consecutive ORWBL Championships while at the helm. He remains on the roster as a player. Ellam has been with the club for all three years of its existence. La Porte Flyers New manager: O'Brien Alcorn Old manager: Zach Galloway [33-51 (.393) in two seasons] Galloway remains on the roster and will continue to be the franchise's owner, however Alcorn will take over the managerial duties. After two season as the Bombers, the team unveiled a name change with a new logo and color scheme. Oddly, Galloway is the only outgoing manager in the league with a career losing record. Alcorn has been with the franchise since its inception in 2010 and has been selected as an All-Star in both of his seasons. Wills Township Federalists New manager: Tony Koch Old manager: Shane Anderson [54-30 (.643) in two seasons] Perhaps the most intriguing managerial change in the league, Anderson bolted for Maple City with Drew Luther. Anderson had led the Federalists to consecutive World Series appearances. Koch, the 2011 NL MVP, will take over the club and move them to Arndt Field north of New Carlisle. Koch will also assume Anderson's spot as National League manager for the All-Star Game, as Anderson will be in the AL this season.


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