2020 ORWBL All Star teams announced

The 2020 ORWBL All Star Game is almost here as we are less than a week away! After rain forced us off of Migley last year, the All Star game returns to historic Migley Field as the AL and NL will square off in a Best of 3 series.

The Home Run Derby will begin at 6pm ET as all 14 teams will have a representative. All 14 players will have 1 minute to hit as many Home Runs as they can.

After all 14 players have hit, the top 4 will be seeded into a 4 man single elimination bracket.

Immediately following the conclusion of the Home Run Derby will be the 2020 All Star Game. The manager's votes have been tallied so lets take a look at the All Star teams. One more player from the AL & NL will join the squads once the Last Man In twitter vote is decided Monday evening.


Alex Friedman (Magic) 7th All Star Selection/Managerial appearance

American League Staters:

SP- Mark Richards (Cyclones) 3rd All Star Selection

JP Kehoe (Kings) 1st All Star Selection

Kody Webb (Kings) 5th All Star Selection

DJ Hill (Wildcards) 1st All Star Selection

Jared Jonkman (Magic) 3rd All Star Selection

American League Reserves:

Zach Rehlander (Wildcards) 3rd All Star Selection

Shane Anderson (Magic) 7th All Star Selection

Anthony Rieff (Meatspins) 5th All Star Selection

Ben McDonald (Heat) 5th All Star Selection

Wes Ellis (Magic) 8th All Star Selection

Caleb Jonkman (Magic) 4th All Star Selection

Frankie Minerva (Billy Goats) 2nd All Star Selection

Cody Carlisle (Wildcards) 2nd All Star Selection

Ryan Warmoth (Meatspins) 1st All Star Selection

Last Man In vote candidates:

Kadin Abegg (Kings)

Nick Thoman (Meatspins)

Andrew Doran (Billy Goats)

Jared Monhaut (Heat)


Koby Keck (Newts) 14th All Star Selection/Managerial appearance

National League Starters

SP- Griffin Smith (Panthers) 4th All Star Selection

Garrett Curless (Newts) 12th All Star Selection

Alex Zarazee (Panthers) 1st All Star Selection

Scott Soos (Newts) 9th All Star Selection

Andy Sieradzki (Godfathers) 1st All Star Selection

National League Reserves:

Daivyn Davis (Panthers) 2nd All Star Selection

Nate Hansen (Leprechauns) 1st All Star Selection

Seth Campbell (Panthers) 4th All Star Selection

Garrett Ruiz (Newts) 2nd All Star Selection

Walt Griffin III (BFAM) 1st All Star Selection

Aidan Cotter (Newts) 4th All Star Selection

Danny Hernandez (Emery's Army) 5th All Star Selection

Andrew Karsten (Goon Squad) 2nd All Star Selection

Matt Soos (Newts) 3rd All Star Selection

Last Man In Vote candidates:

Austin Traxler (BFAM)

Austin Williams (Panthers)

Nick Brassell (Leprechauns)

Mark Haase (Godfathers)

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