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Crystal Ball: Possible future ASG sites

LA PORTE- As previously reported on, the league office is considering rotating the site of the annual ORWBL All-Star Game beginning in 2017. With a relatively cool hot stove at the moment, why not speculate on the potential sites for future games? Here's a look at possible venues that the league may choose.

Magic Park at Kesling Field

The first potential park is a fairly obvious choice. With Magic owner Alex Friedman in charge of the league, it would seem natural for him to want to host a future All-Star Game. One of the major factors of hosting the game at Migley for so many years was the convenience and reliability of using the commissioner's home field.

Additionally, Maple City has extensive renovations planned for the spring, marking the first time the park has been altered since its construction in 2012.

The Palace of Bourissa Hills

The place where it all began, The Palace is the birthplace of wiffleball. Home to pickup games long before the existence of the ORWBL, it has been the only park in use every season other than Migley. Since 2012, it has also hosted games of The Wiffleball Championship and is one of the "show" fields of the event.

Keeping the game in the same town as Migley wouldn't necessarily add much variety to the event, but New Carlisle's central location within the ORWBL universe makes it a very sensible choice.

Wiffle Stick Park at Hidden Valley

One of the finest fields in all of wiffleball, this new addition to the league in 2015 is certainly a site the league would love to show off. It has hosted family tournaments in the past and is capable of holding the larger crowd that comes with the All-Star Game. It would also give the league an opportunity to stake a stronger claim in the state of Michigan.

Grassy Knoll

In recent years, with no homefield advantage on the line due to the format, the All-Star Game has taken on more of a party atmosphere. Even if the league returns to a traditional AL/NL classic, there would be no better place to host a league-wide party than the Grassy Knoll. Every wiffleball Sunday is an event on Robin Court, and the All-Star Game would be no different.

Civic Auditorium

Friedman has connections in LaPorte, why not play an indoor game at one of the city's most historic buildings? The Civic regularly hosts basketball games, and the gym should be able to accommodate a wiffleball field pretty easily. With over 1,300 seats, the league would have to ramp up its marketing efforts to sell out the building.


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