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National League wins All Star Game, Home Field Advantage

Current and former Commissioner Alex Friedman and Koby Keck after the All Star Game

NEW CARLISLE- After a 2 year stretch of no NL/AL All Star Game, ORWBL teams gathered at Migley Field in hopes of capturing home field advantage for their respective league. In the first All Star Game between the AL and NL since 2013, it was Koby Keck's National League All Star team that ran away with things on Thursday night.

The much older National League won its 3rd consecutive All Star Game behind the bats of veterans such as Scott Soos and John Premetz. It was actually Premetz, who was Cabo's lone All Star who made the big difference and won the 2016 All Star Game MVP.

The All Star festivities had a celebration like feel as it was the 10th All Star Game in league history that featured many of the all time greats who have helped make ORWBL what it is today.

While current Commissioner Alex Friedman stated that league offices would explore new options for its 11th annual midsummer classic next summer, it is hard to picture the All Star Game anywhere other than Migley Field. Former Commissioner Koby Keck once again did a great job hosting the event as Migley Field provided yet another wonderful All Star atmosphere.

As we inch closer to the playoffs, National League teams can now look forward to Home Field Advantage in the World Series.

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