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Inaugural New Carlisle Wiffle®Ball HOF class honored at Hometown Cup

NEW CARLISLE- Earlier in the year the League Office announced that it would be scratching the previous ORWBL Hall of Fame along with the entire process of electing nominees into the Hall.

After an agreement from both The Commissioners office in ORWBL and the Commissioner of the Hometown Cup, both sides have merged into one Hall of Fame heading forward.

The Championship has crowned the Hometown Cup Champion ever since 2005 while the Old Republic Wiffleball League is currently in its 14th season.

"The rich tradition of both of these entities has prompted the establishment of the New Carlisle Wiffle®Ball Hall of Fame to honor the outstanding players and contributors that have elevated the game.

The inaugural class of 15 individuals was selected by the Hometown Days Wiffle®Ball Committee. Subsequent nominees will be voted upon annually by the members of the Hall. The criteria for the first class weighed a combination of both on-field performance as well as the individual's impact on the founding and growth of New Carlisle wiffleball."

The inaugural Hall of Fame Class was inducted during the Hometown Cup Finals prior to the championship game. All in all, it was a very well put together ceremony as it set a fantastic precedent on how things will be moving forward.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 outbreak halted plans for the actual museum at Hometown Days but we are hoping that we will be able to start that in 2021.

With the league and tournament tied so closely together, it only made sense to merge and form the New Carlisle Wiffle®Ball Hall of Fame.

Over 1,300 players have competed in The Championship and ORWBL since 2005. The 14 players and one special contributor who make up the inaugural class are featured on the official Hometown Cup Website inside the virtual museum:

Shane Anderson- Maple City Magic

John Arndt- Looney Wifflers

Nick Arndt- Wills Township Federalists

Garrett Curless- New Carlisle Newts

Wes Ellis- Maple City Magic

Jared Emmons- Pterodactyls

Matt Flagg- New Carlisle Newts

Denis Jedrysek- Pterodactyls

Bob Keck- Groundscrew/Owner of Migley Field

Kaylor Keck- New Carlisle Newts

Drew Luther- Maple City Magic

Jay Ryans- Cult West Warriors

Matt Serge- Speedy's Chickenheads

Seth Shail- Muffs

Scott Soos- Cult West Warriors

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